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ϻ Ʈť sprout ginseng , Smart Farm Cube system
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ۼ 2021-04-25
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ϻ Ʈť sprout ginseng , Smart Farm Cube system ȸ 帲 ֽȸ

I am a farmer who uses smart farm growers to farm.
Smart farm farming is thought to be a new paradigm that will lead the future farming industry by leading the 6th industry through production, processing, and distribution services of agricultural products by merging the 2nd and 3rd industries based on the 1st industry.
Smart Farm Cube systems artificially control environmental conditions such as light, temperature, and humidity within certain externally controlled facilities, enabling automatic continuous production regardless of season or place.
Smart Cube is an automatic control system that combines state-of-the-art ICT technology, and it is a new agricultural technology that can be an alternative to future agriculture as it can realize the optimal environment for plants to grow and dramatically adjust the growth rate.
Isn't it hard?
Anyone can do it. So I'll do it too.
Smart Farm Cube can grow sprouts, mushrooms, lettuce, sprout barley, and deodeok, and it is natural that sprout ginseng has a high income.
Sprout ginseng contains saponin that is 6 to 8 times higher than ginseng, so it has excellent efficacy in improving immunity and recovering from fatigue, and it is also attracting attention as a new vegetable due to its low price.
In addition, business feasibility is drawing attention day by day as the development area can be expanded to functional cosmetics, powders, beverages, and processed foods of pickled vegetables based on sprout ginseng extracts.
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Smart Cube结ӮICT术动ͧ统,够实现ڪ长ʢ环,调长农业术,ʦ为ڱ来农业
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